About Jaime

Jaime M.V. is painter, sculptor, graphic designer, woodworking and maker. He holds a degree of Fine Arts from the UNSA and had studies in professional photography. At very early ages, Jaime showed exceptional creative talent drawing, painting, and making sculptures with any materials. Currently, he is the graphic designer and illustrator for the Edition Center at UNSA.   Jaime’s works is a constant exploration of the surrealist style and he integrates it with his every day living experiences and observations of the world. His artwork are fascinating pieces of visual literature that deal with the fantastic and supernatural. For relaxing, he enjoys walking in farms and staying with family.


Beyond Traditions

For art critics and art gallery enthusiast, Jaime’s painting is remarkable unique compared with the long tradition of the Peruvian paintings because Jaime’s paintings go beyond of traditions and contemporary art.

CARETAS / September 25, 2014



  • UNSA Cultural Center Gallery, drawings, 2003
  • UNSA Cultural Center Gallery, paintings and drawings, 2000
  • Peruvian- German Cultural Institute Gallery, paintings, 1999
  • Trapecio gallery, Lima, paintings, 1999
  • UNSA gallery, paintings, 1998
  • Centro Cultural Chaves de la Rosa gallery, paintings, 1999 – 1996
  • Centro Cultural Chaves de la Rosa gallery, paintings, 1995 – 1996


  • UNSA gallery, sculptures, 2004
  • Teodoro Núñez Ureta gallery, paintings, 2004
  • Galería Club Internacional, Paintings, 2004
  • Cultural Center Peruvian – North American, paintings
  • Galeria Teodoro Núñez Ureta. Centro Cultural UNSA. Paintings
  • Galería Editora Perú. Paintings
  • Comunidad de Camarones. Arica Chile. Drawings
  • Consulado de Perú. Arica, Chile, Drawings, 2001
  • Gallery du Moulin Marcoux , Quebec, Canada, Paintings and illustrations, 2001
  • Embajada de Perú, Brasil, Paintings, 2001
  • Galería PetroPerú. Lima, Paintings, 2001 
  • “Wirtz” Gallery, Miami. USA, paintings, 2000
  • Galería UNSA “Un Siglo de Arte en Arequipa”, 1999
  • Galería, Alianza Francesa, Arequipa. Paintings, 2004
  • Galería “Trapecio”, Lima, Paintings, 1998
  • Consulado de Perú en Chile, Paintings, 1998
  • Chaves de la Rosa Cultural center gallery, paintings, 1994
  • Tacna school of arts gallery, paintings, 1994
  • UNSA gallery, drawings and paintings, 1993
  • Chaves de la Rosa Cultural center gallery, paintings, 1992
  • Carlos Baca Flor school of arts gallery, paintings,1990